1. Why our API?

You want to create the perfect restaurant or takeaway ordering website.  Why not concentrate on the “front end”, design, usability, and so on, and avoid the mechanics of trying to build a reliable and stable “back end” and simply use our API.

The real value is in understanding your client’s needs locally and effectively delivering the “front end”.  Leave the hard work of the “back end” to us.

2. Getting Started with our API

Look at one of our in-house websites.  You will get a good impression of the features of our “back end” which is continually being developed and tried & tested.

Contact us and we can indicate a framework to ensure our API and your software are complimentary.

3. API Reference

Currently, our in-house apps operate on our API but mature documentation is not available.  It is currently being worked on.  Until that is completed, our API is still available, in the same was as it is to our App developers, through informal documentation.

Contact us to learn more.