Unlimited Orders. One Fixed Fee.

We aim to get you live in 7 days with an online food ordering website for your restaurant or takeaway.

Our websites are clean, simple and mobile friendly.  You no longer need a separate desktop website, mobile website, and app!

Receive orders by email, text message or print machine.

In fact, ignore the marketing talk.  Just test our live client sites serving happy clients. Most importantly, test on mobile or tablet (nobody uses desktop any more)!  Interested? Contact Us.

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New Taj Mahal Mobile

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1. Unlimited Orders.  One Fixed Fee

Yes, it’s true.  You no longer need to pay hundreds of pounds of commission to receive online orders from your own loyal customers.

2. Don’t Share your Loyal customers with everyone else on just-eat

Customers go on just-eat thinking of you and being tempted by alternatives and offers from competitors.

3. Want Cash Payments ONLY?

You can switch off card payments. However, if you want to take card payments, the money will go directly to your own Paypal account*. We will not keep hold of your hard earned money and earn interest on it.

 4. Low joining fee

£150.  You guessed it, it’s nothing like the leading competitors.  Not satisfied? Cancel with no notice.

5. Your website will be mobile and tablet friendly

No need to shell out on an expensive app. Your website will be equally friendly to PC, mobile and tablet.

6. Have your own website for peanuts

The website will pay for itself with just  a few orders.

7. Interested?

Contact us. We are based in Portsmouth but serve clients nationally.  We aim to have you running within 7 days.


*Paypal payment charges will apply